About Us

DesignerDojo started as an idea in July 2012 in a discussion between Bill Liao founder of CoderDojo and Paul Lee, founder of Viewsion Virtual Environments and now Chief 3D Architect (C3A) with Retaileverywhere

Paul had been mentoring in CoderDojo at Blackrock Castle Observatory and was showing kids there how to use free tools for 3D modeling.

Paul found that many Ninjas at BCO were extremely interested in pursuing 3D modeling further, and he wanted to explore further how great new technologies could be used by kids to design games, virtual environments of all kinds as well as 3D printing.

In June 2013, DesignerDojo began in earnest at the Webworkhouse, Cork City and has been going from strength to strength there ever since. Other CoderDojos have expressed interest in applying the technologies and activities promoted by DD and have combined them with their coding, electronic and other activites. Please see the events page for DesignerDojo listed CoderDojos.

Below is a video of the Webworkhouse where Cork City DesignerDojo happens every Sunday!


DesignerDojo Child Protection Policy Statement

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