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Keeping your child safe online: Information from the National Parents Council of Ireland.


Cork DesignerDojo Child Protection Statement

The welfare and safety of Youth Members of CoderDojo is paramount. All CoderDojo staff members and volunteers endeavour to ensure that children and young people are protected and kept safe from harm while participating in CoderDojo activities.
In law, a child is defined as someone under the age of 18 (Child Care Act, 2001). The CoderDojo Child Protection Policy is designed to protect children and young people from neglect, physical, sexual and emotional harm or abuse.
The CoderDojo Child Protection Policy provides volunteers with information to help them understand the various categories of child abuse, what situations might constitute reasonable grounds for concern and advice on how to respond to disclosure.
The CoderDojo Child Protection Policy is based on and consistent with current Child Protection legislation in the Republic of Ireland and procedures to be followed are in line with Children First, 2011. The CoderDojo Child Protection Policy will be reviewed when relevant Child Protection legislation is changed or introduced or in lieu of this it will be reviewed every 2 years.


Cork DesignerDojo Youth Participation Statement

CoderDojo promotes the concept of meaningful youth participation in the programme and in the organisation at all levels.
CoderDojo recognises that it is not sufficient just to let youth members express their opinions but that they are encouraged to participate fully in decision-making and in the running of their Dojo and contribute to the community both regionally and globally.
CoderDojo recognises that young people need support to get fully involved and to contribute to the running of the Organisation. CoderDojo envisages that this will result in its youth members not only contributing to the Organisation, its Aim and principles but also aiding their personal development and their training for effective and constructive participation in society.


Currently Paul Lee, Cork DesignerDojo Champion is the sole Mentor at the Cork DesignerDojo. It is the policy of Cork DesignerDojo to ensure that any volunteer, whether mentoring or in any other capacity involved with the Dojo has or is in the process of undertaking CoderDojo Child Protection training as well as being vetted by An Garda Siochana (Irish Police Force). Paul has attended CPP training and is currently undertaking vetting procedures.
All other Dojos listed on this website operate independently and are required to be covered by the CoderDojo Child Protection Policy. Though Cork DesignerDojo operates independently of CoderDojo, we have undertaken to uphold the CPP of CoderDojo.
An up to date version of our Child Protection Statement is available here:

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