Rockets, Telescopes and Castles

It’s been a busy few months. Attendance has jumped since we fixed our ticketing system. We’ve been booked out every week for the last few months.

So what else has been happening?

We ran a DesignerDojo session in Blackrock Castle Observatory last December and several Ninjas designed rockets which we 3D printed for them..

Blackrocket Castle

These rockets were designed by Ninjas at Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, December 2015

Thanks to Clair McSweeney and all the staff in Blackrock Castle.

Check out this interactive model of Blackrock Castle!:

Blackrock Castle, Cork City, Ireland
by virtualbuilder
on Sketchfab


Blackrock Castle in Space

Blackrock Castle Observatory with cosmos in the background. 3D model by Paul Lee.

Last Sunday (24th January 2016) we travelled to the CoderDojo in Birr, Co. Offaly to run a DesignerDojo session. Birr is where the World’s Largest Telescope (in 1845) is located.

World's Largest Telescope, Ireland

The world’s largest telescope (back in 1845) located at Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

Thanks to Deardriu Lally and all the Ninjas at Birr CD. We showed them new ways to interact with Minecraft. We are looking forward to seeing what new ideas they come up with.

In other news- Minecraft Edu has been purchased by Microsoft. Minecraft has massive potential for education- gaming is a way to immerse kids in virtual environments where they can learn just about any subject- It just needs a good designer to implement.

That’s all for now. Hope you can join us in our mission to spread the word about 3D modelling & the importance of digital design!



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