DD DesignerDojo Report…

It’s 10 o’clock on Sunday morning & designer ninjas descend on Webworkhouse eager to log on & enter their 3D worlds.
The Webworkhouse is a really unusual and interesting space: It’s heated solely from the energy generated by 100 desktop computers, two drinks fridges & our Mojo 3D printer! It’s always really cozy here. But today it’s even warmer than usual because the new ice cream cone machine is rigged up for the Summer season-YES! Might need one of those cones later to keep the ninjas cool!

But first it’s time to catch-up on ninja news & share some updates. Fearless leader Paul shares essential ninja tools, today it’s MC Edit, Sketch-up and our old pal Minecraft. Paul provides enough info to spark some imaginative thinking & away we go! Sometimes the ninjas have a clear plan but more often than not things just develop along the way & since it’s all virtual anyway, well virtually anything can happen!

Minecraft Stampy

Giant Stampy Statue created in Minecraft by a Master Ninja.

Ninjas know that problem solving together & sharing ideas is a great way to develop ninja superpowers!

Speaking of superpowers; we are learning how to transfer files and upload our 3D designs to Minecraft and we used redstone to create flashing lights in Minecraft!

Check out our latest videos above & see what you think!