Learn more about 3D modeling with Minecraft!

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Find the Tinkercad model  of the Creepy Castle “Neuschwanstein” here.

The history of Castle Neushschwanstein! (Wonderfully researched & written by Isabelle Jouinot.)

Telechargez la Version Francaise ici! (merci a Yann Oche pour nous aider!)

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So you’re a Minecraft Ninja. You can blow things up, you can jump from impossible heights. You can destroy monsters, dragons and landscapes.

But… Are you a Master Minecraft Sculptor/ Architect/ Artist? Can you quickly build a castle, a village, a mountain or a city or turn your friend into a giant statue* (that you can then blow up or build birds nests in)? No? Then you should really get this book.

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*Needs a 3D scanner…. Coming to a reality near you soon..

View and download the Creepy Castle Minecraft file (see images below)


Rapid Modelling for Minecraft: The Video

Click on the image to view.



Creepy Minecraft Castle Neuschwanstein

Scanned head in Minecraft

Capture your friend with a scanner and bring them into your Minecraft world!

Roman Minecraft Model

Other Minecraft modeling resources



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